La Decadance Part 1

A mysterious envelope drops through your letterbox. The paper looks expensive, and it smells divine. Tentatively, you open the card.

“Your presence is requested. Tonight. Wear something daring.”

With nothing more to go on, you get ready – but ready for what, exactly?
At 8pm sharp, a horse-drawn carriage arrives, and the well dressed footman ushers you on board. After what only seems like a minute, you arrive at the gates of a grand châteaux. How did you get so far from home after such a short journey? Your mind is getting fuzzier, finding it hard to piece together this surreal puzzle, as you pull up to the châteaux.
The footman takes your hand as you step down, and motions toward the front door.
Peering inside you can see people drinking, laughing, and dancing. Faces peer back, but not all of them appear friendly…

Parov Stelar – Magenta Rising
LeYan – Past Your Time (Trap Reboot)
SomehowArt – No More Pain
Irb – Tomorrow
Met.h.Ode – Clocks
Al’Tarba – Ladies & Ladies
Smokey Joe and The Kid – Somehow feat. Blake Worrell
ProleteR – Nothing At All
Carolina Chocolate Drops & Luminescent Orchestra – Knockin (Mr Jennings remix)
Oversoul 7 – What’s The Deal
Jean Du Voyage – Khanti
Proleter – Circus
Al’Tarba – The Vengeance Sisters (feat. Jessica Fitoussi, Bonnie Li, DJ Nix’on)
The Architect – L’Usine A Disques (Remix Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong)
Dunkelbunt – Smoking Gun (feat. Anduze & Barefoot Basement)
The Architect – Old Mob Blues feat. Shaolin Beatmaker
The Woohoo Revue – Fat Tuesday (Mouldy Soul Remix)
Timewrap – Maiami
Souleance – Jazz et the Vert
Kormac – Mr Soft
Smokey Joe & The Kid – Night Scene
Kognitif – No Escape
Rèseau – Caravan
Rikstaroonie – Groove is in This Old Tune

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Booty Droppin’ Grooves

Brooty Droppin' Grooves cover image

Shake what ya mama gave ya.

01. Little Water – My Babe (Jpod Remix)
02. My Neighbour Is – Guru
03. Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Jericho (C2C Remix)
04. Alice Russell – Humankind
05. Gramatik – On The Boardwalk
06. mister T. – Rock Stars
07. mister T. – Bring It Back Again
08. Emapea – Best Believe
09. Lou Johnson – The Beat (Ali B Edit)
10. Proleter – Badass Girlz
11. Moderator – Ain’t Nobody Change My Mind
12. Balkan Beat Box – Hermetico
13. Duff Disco – Crazy For Duff
14. Betty Wright – Slip And Do It (SoulSeduction Edit)
15. Bruno Borlone – Regulate
16. Liberty Klaud – Sumthin Dope
17. Andy Cooper – Can’t Be Satisfied
18. Freaky Jalapeno – Gettin’ It On (Soul of Man Remix)
19. Bonnie & Klein – Sexy
20. The Allergies – You Wouldn’t Know
21. Aretha Franklin – Chain Of Fools (RocknRolla Soundsystem edit)
22. La Funk Mob – Motor Bass Get Phunked UP
23. Jamie Trench – That Groovy Thing
24. M James – Cheap Thrills
25. Pecoe – Average Money
26. Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart (The Reflex Bootsy & Q-Tip Revision)
27. Fela Kuti – Shuffering (Beatsy Collins Edit)
28. Shiba San – Westside Connection
29. Roland Romer & Anca Agemolu – Cu Tristetea
30. Mop Mop – Destination (Valique Dark Jazz Remix)
31. Funky Destination – On The Jazz (Anjuna Beach Original)

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Shambala Hype Mix 2018

Shambala Hype Mix 2018 cover

What’s that? You’re getting excited about Shambala coming up? Me too! So much so, I made a mix to get us hyped up, featuring some artists performing this year, a couple from last year, all stitched together with a few gems I think Shambalans will enjoy.

Photo credit: Alan Bates. Licensed and modified under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Proleter – Alone After All
The Captain – The Bossa Fella’s Funk
The Nextmen – File Under Truth
Michal Menert – The Moon Bounce
Ozomatli – Cut Chemist Suite
JazzProfilactika – Stop & Go
Kill Emil – O’ Jogo
Anchorsong – Darkrum
My Neighbour Is – Stereo Intravenously
Goji BerrY – Lay Me
Dizzee Rascal vs Dizzy Gillespie ft. KRS ONE – Dizzy Sirens (Jimi Needles’ Dizzy Big Band Cocktail)
Basschimp – Under mi Breakbeat
Dutty Moonshine – No Doubt feat. Jimi Needles
The Nextmen – Spin It Round (Dutty Moonshine remix)
Liberty Chaps – Get Up, Get Down
Cockney Nutjob – Sunshine
Mr. Rich & The Caretaker – My Feelings For You
Florence and the Machine – You’ve Got the Love (Antis & Le Croquant Remix)
Marlena Shaw – California Soul (Rambo V Remix)
Wiccatron – The Ultimate Seduction
Scratch Bandits Crew – Over
Marten Horger – Deep Inside
Orbital – Chime (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Yo Speed – Big Mac
K7 – Come Baby Come (DJ Hero Remix)
HIPHOPPAPOTAMUS – Tropical Wiseguy

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Rush mixtape cover

Strap yourselves in, we’re going on a psychonautical adventure!

Yanivi – I’m Shakin’
Crush Effect – Capital L
Neuropol – 12th Round
CloZee – Apsara Calling
Daega Sound – Terra
Rameses B – The Fallen
Bit Deff – Doll
Neuropol – Warning (feat. Marlene Abuah)
Daily Bread – A Long Way From Home (feat. Justin Hasting)
Opiuo – Quack Fat
CloZee – Harmony
Birds of Paradise – Lucid Dream
Led Zeppelin Vs. Gramatik – Stairway To Hip-Hop Heaven
Marshall McGee – Let’s Dance Together
Gramatik – Swucca Chust
Chamberlain – The Cheeky Munt
Shimi Sonic – Supernova (Mouldy Soul Remix)
Moontricks – Midnight Groove
Drumspyder – The Nocturnal Stealth of Cats
Kalya Scintilla – The Hathors
Opiuo – Robo Booty (Teknizm Cut)
GRiZ – Smash The Funk
Beat Fatigue – Sowieso Good
Keb Mo – Am I Wrong (Shaka Remix)
Infected Mushroom – U R So Fucked (Opiuo Remix)
The Beekeepers – Sea Change
Boys In The Oud – Cosmique Arabe
Dub Pistols – Rising
Hybrid – Higher Than A Skyscraper
PMT – Gyromancer (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Hybrid – Visible Noise
DDB Records – Mo Cheeba (White Label)
DDB Records – Left Of Live (White Label)
Robin Parris – Feeling Alright (feat Kelly Hayden – Chicky Boom remix)
Colombo – Telequinesis
We Are The Sun – Miracles Ahead
Hybrid – Empire
Plump DJs – Scram
The Chemical Brothers – The Sunshine Underground
Moontricks – Home

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Spring Box

Gently waking you from hibernation.
Dedicated to those who didn’t make it through the harsh winter.

Yellowjacket – The Track Of Dawn
Poldoore – A Beautiful Eve
GRiZ – Feelin’ High (ft. Eric Bloom)
Sixfingerz – Law Of Nature
Esbe – Twisted Nerve
Hashfinger – Kites
Poldoore – No Face
Kill Emil – The Happening
Gramatik – Just Jammin’
ProleteR – Romance (Int.)
Pete Range – Still Just Love?
Sly5thAve – Still D.R.E.
Sly5thAve – Who Am I feat. Paul Wilson
mister T. – Jestofunked
Hermitude – Nightfall’s Messenger
Tom Showtime – Where The Best Herbs Grow
80s Casual – Fiesta
Akshin Alizadeh – Walkin’ 2gether
Liberty Klaud – Point Of View
Chinese Man – Racing With The Sun
C2C – F-U-Y-A
Q Funktion – Transients
The Beekeepers – Spring Forward

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