La Decadance Part 1

A mysterious envelope drops through your letterbox. The paper looks expensive, and it smells divine. Tentatively, you open the card.

“Your presence is requested. Tonight. Wear something daring.”

With nothing more to go on, you get ready – but ready for what, exactly?
At 8pm sharp, a horse-drawn carriage arrives, and the well dressed footman ushers you on board. After what only seems like a minute, you arrive at the gates of a grand châteaux. How did you get so far from home after such a short journey? Your mind is getting fuzzier, finding it hard to piece together this surreal puzzle, as you pull up to the châteaux.
The footman takes your hand as you step down, and motions toward the front door.
Peering inside you can see people drinking, laughing, and dancing. Faces peer back, but not all of them appear friendly…

Parov Stelar – Magenta Rising
LeYan – Past Your Time (Trap Reboot)
SomehowArt – No More Pain
Irb – Tomorrow
Met.h.Ode – Clocks
Al’Tarba – Ladies & Ladies
Smokey Joe and The Kid – Somehow feat. Blake Worrell
ProleteR – Nothing At All
Carolina Chocolate Drops & Luminescent Orchestra – Knockin (Mr Jennings remix)
Oversoul 7 – What’s The Deal
Jean Du Voyage – Khanti
Proleter – Circus
Al’Tarba – The Vengeance Sisters (feat. Jessica Fitoussi, Bonnie Li, DJ Nix’on)
The Architect – L’Usine A Disques (Remix Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong)
Dunkelbunt – Smoking Gun (feat. Anduze & Barefoot Basement)
The Architect – Old Mob Blues feat. Shaolin Beatmaker
The Woohoo Revue – Fat Tuesday (Mouldy Soul Remix)
Timewrap – Maiami
Souleance – Jazz et the Vert
Kormac – Mr Soft
Smokey Joe & The Kid – Night Scene
Kognitif – No Escape
Rèseau – Caravan
Rikstaroonie – Groove is in This Old Tune

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