Filthy Friday Frenzy

Filthy Friday Frenzy cover

Furiously flipping funk for a fabulously filthy Friday frenzy. Full flavour freakin’!

Smokey Joe & The Kid – Funny Guy (feat. Fred Wesley)
The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra (feat. Danny Brown & MF Doom)
Nick Hollywood – Deep Henderson (JFB Remix)
Dr. Dre – The Next Episode (AfroQBen Remix)
Grizmatik – My People
Smokey Joe & The Kid – So Sexy (feat. Blake Worrell)
The Worldstylers – Rabbis Groove
Palov – Moving Next Door (feat Ang. Angelides)
Freear – The Man Who Was Tomorrow
Biometrix – Nightmare
Freear – BONGO!
Ulas Koca – Mojo Man
WBBL – Give It Up
WBBL – Can’t Stomp
Charlie Beale – Tale of A.G. Smith
Dunkelbunt – The Chocolate Butterfly (Tüwi Edit)
Charlie Beale – The Gal from Joe’s
Nekta – Here’s Us (Valique Dark Jazz Dub)
Jazzotron – Let’s Go (feat. Sofija Knezevic) (Jamie Berry Remix)
Quincy Jointz – Blast (Tom Drummond Remix)
Charlie Beale – Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
Michael Fraser – Jump & Swing
Marcella Puppini – I’m in the Mood for Trouble (Bart&Baker Remix)
Howla – Hey Pachuco!
Chris Su & Flack Su – Eradicate (Amb Remix)
Lot49 – Horny (Remastered)
Chinese Man – I’ve Got That Tune (Tha Trickaz Remix)

Illectrix – Digital Evolution

Digital Evolution is the debut album and first independent release of UK artist Illectrix.

Incorporating a mixture of electronic synthesis, meticulously chopped-up vinyl samples and live instrumentation, it takes electronic dance music to a whole new level – pulling in elements of soul, funk-rock, jazz and blues, and then smashing them together with the raw and gritty bass-driven sounds of electro, glitch-hop and hip-hop.

As Illectrix elaborates, he picked the name Digital Evolution for this record “as that is exactly what it is – an evolution of sound, ideas and emotions, that have been digitally transformed from their natural roots into something that is almost unrecognisable, yet so much more powerful and beautiful than before. It is the evolution of freedom and individualism – the release of musical expression and creativity from the shackles of consumerism and commercialisation that drive so much of the music we hear today.”

Big up to @Funky_Felicity for putting me onto this one!