Sweaty Summer Soundtrack Vol.6

Sweaty Summer Soundtrack Vol.6 cover

As the weather is currently more shitty than sweaty, here’s a cracking compilation to comprehensively warm ya cockles.

01. Poldoore – Over U
02. Krystian Shek – Bat Shit Bolognese
03. My Neighbour Is – Tatatata Vs. Papapapa
04. Minimatic – Betty Was Here
05. Kormac – Join Together
06. Matenlo – Da Really
07. Dr. Rubberfunk – Northern Comfort (Featuring John Turrell)
08. Ephemerals – Easy Ain’t Nothin (Featurecast Remix)
09. Marlena Shaw – Woman of the Ghetto (Akshin Alizadeh Remix)
10. London Grammar – Hey Now (Bonobo Remix)
11. Ella Fitzgerald – Summertime (Seboo remix)
12. Quantic – Life In The Rain
13. Al’Tarba – Sun Showerz
14. Ella Fitzgerald – Too Darn Hot (RAC Mix)
15. Grant Lazlo – Cotton Fields (Summertime)
16. Shimi Sonic – Beat Of A Preacher Man
17. Parov Stelar – Magenta Rising
18. Hank Jones – Lazy Afternoon
19. Bob James – In the Garden

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Not Your Usual DJ Flavour

Not Your Usual DJ Flavour cover

“I’m afraid we’re all out of your regular brand. Try this instead.”

Alice Russell – To Know This
DJ Shadow – Walkie Talkie
Chinese Man – Better That Way (Jazz Reworked)
Notorious B.I.G – Party ‘N Bullshit (Star Wars Remix)
Blockhead – Insomniac Olympics
Soel – Shining Pain
Tha Trickaz – Robbery Song (Senbei Remix)
Rikstaroonie – Nocturn (Live Loop version)
Kareful – Backwards
Forest Whitaker – Samurai Code Quote
John Hendicott – Babylon Shall Fall
Rikstaroonie – New York Warning (Angel Haze Vs. Notorious B.I.G)
Sixfingerz – Turn Your Lamp Down Low
Stereo MCs – Bring It On (Path to the Mind and the Soul and the Spirit)
Alexandre Desplat – Daylight Express to Lutz (Rikstaroonie Re-break)
Grand Mixer DXT – Clip from Scratch
St. Germain – Hanky-Panky
Emapea – Reflection
Neuropol feat. Om Unit – The Rise
Kromestar – 2012
Neuropol feat. Marlene Abuah – No More
The Slew – Robbing Banks (Doin’ Time)
David Holmes – Don’t Die Just Yet

Sweaty Summer Soundtrack Vol.5 – The Barbecue Beats Edition

Sweaty Summer Soundtrack Vol.5 cover

Summertime and the livin’ is greasy. The scent of sizzling meat fills the air as you crack open a cold one and spark a fatty. Press play and enjoy the heat!

01. Gramatik – The Culture
02. Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard
03. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Pimp
04. T.Rice – Virgo
05. Finley Quaye – Even After All (Tom Showtime’s Trip-Hop Edit)
06. Slick Rick – It’s A Boy (Remix)
07. Jurassic 5 – Jayou
08. Naughty By Nature – Feel Me Flow (Maars Reggae Re-Rub)
09. Joe Revell – Hawooha
10. Mystro – Around My Way (Cut La Vis Refix)
11. Flame Griller – Kurts
12. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – I Got a Love
13. The Pharcyde – Runnin’ (Smooth Extended Mix)
14. Nine – Whutcha Want!
15. Canibus – Channel Zero
16. Jstar – Regulate Rock
17. tOtALcULt – Cyaan Rock Steady
18. Joe Driscoll – Mixtape Champs
19. Professor Elemental – Hat Full Of Sunshine (You’re Fabulous remix, feat. Sound Assembly)
20. Featurecast & The Gaff – Ain’t Got Time
21. Jurassic 5 – Work It Out (ft. Dave Matthews Band)
22. A.Skillz and Krafty Kuts – Simple Things feat. Real Elements
23. Dancing Djedi – Body Surfin’
24. Braintax – Back to the Riviera
25. Ugly Duckling – $100 Weekend
26. The Herbaliser – Words
27. Prozak Morris – Sunday Afternoon on Sunset Boulevard
28. Jadell – Homecoming

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Sweaty Summer Soundtrack Vol.4

Rikstaroonie - Sweaty Summer Soundtrack Vol.4 cover

A bumper pack of 21 gems that shine like the sun.
Stay cool out there, boys and girls!

01. Nightmares on Wax – Les Nuits
02. Elastic Bond – Pierdo el Control (K. Sabroso’s Sophistifunk Mix)
03. Umbo – Sunday Jam
04. Teddy Presberg – Passion (Niles Philips Remix)
05. The Beekeepers – Symphony in Bee
06. Odjbox – Jungle Crook (Jungle Book Remix)
07. St Germain – What You Think About…
08. Lemon Jelly – Page One
09. AfroQBen – Dream the Impossible (Drumspyder remix)
10. Club des Belugas – Get Shafted
11. Shimi Sonic – Hot Peach
12. Alice Russell – Heartbreaker II (DJ Snatch remix)
13. Jadell – Before the Fall
14. Scratchy Muffin – Thee Untitled One (Strata 3 Mix)
15. Soul Hooligan – Start The Day
16. Daytoner – Doin Nothing
17. Soel – Le Vicomte
18. Liberty Klaud – Summer Groove
19. Doctormusic Project – Party Time feat. DJ Steevo
20. Blue Mitchell – Dorado
21. Daytoner – From The Root To The Fruit

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Love Lodge Summer Shindig 2015

Rikstaroonie - Love Lodge Summer Shindig 2015 cover

Part 1: Download
Part 1 Tracklist:
Arthur Conley – Funky Street (Odjbox remix)
L’Entourloop – Fat Baby (Mos Def vs The Heptones)
Bobby McFerrin – Thinking Bout Your Body (John Hendicott remix)
Al Green – Love & Happiness (WBBL Remix)
Featurecast & The Gaff – Ain’t Got Time
Jimi Hendrix – Foxy Lady (Neon Steve Remix)
KRS-One – Sound of Da Police (Phibes TWRK Mashup)
Schwarr – Gossip
[email protected] In The [email protected] Feat. Mr Switch – Sax Party
High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Phibes remix)
Mr. Bill – Slate
Phibes – Party Funkin Animals (Yap That Fool)
Ray Charles – I Got A Woman (Phibes Remix)
Phibes – Black Betty
Featurecast – Dreamer
The McMash Clan – Swing Break (feat. Kate Mullins)
Stevie Wonder – Superstition (C2C Remix)
Nozomi Yamaguchi & NYC Alowicious – No Diggity (MINIMATIC remix)
Bart & Baker – Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Cockney Nutjob – My Baby Don’t…
James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Mr Rich & Billy Kenny Edit)
Groove Armada – My Friend (S. Jay & Ostertag Remix)
Black Box – Ride On Time (JERC Bootleg)
Swingrowers – Pump Up The Jam Feat. The Lost Fingers (Electro Swing Version)
Johnny Lectro – Schnatzer
Grant Lazlo – Grinnin’ in Your Face feat. Son House
Rodriguez Jr. – Kids of Hula
Worakls – Porto (Video Edit)
Colombo – Tube
Colombo – Night Clear
La Rochelle Band – Madame (Parov Stelar Remix)

Part 2: Download
Part 2 Tracklist:
Worakls – Far Far Away
Stanton Warriors – Blue
Fatboy Slim – Right Here Right Now (Pelussje Remix)
What – Say What Again (Freestylers Raw As Fuck Remix)
Stanton Warriors – MPC
Swedish House Mafia – One (Stanton Warriors Ghetto Bass Refix)
Prodigy Vs Stanton Warriors – Climbatize (Perpetually Peasant Bootleg)
The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place (AC Slater Vs Krafty Kuts remix)
Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze (Neon Steve Remix)
Skrillex vs. Dire Straights – Chicks for Free (CMC and Silenta Mashup)
K-Swing & Beber – This Was The Sound (Adam Freeland Mix)
Colombo – Deja Vu
Colombo – Scent of Love
Freestylers – Push Up (Plump DJ’s Remix)
Plump DJs – Donna Kebab
Scam – Killer
Xilent – Boss Wave (P.O.D.G.E breaks mix).wav
Slamboree – Big Bada Boomtown
Dutty Moonshine – Rum Runners
Roksonix – Dogfight (Fei-Fei’s Feided Remix)

Big up to Gypsy Fingerz for hooking us up with this exclusive mix!